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Welcome to 2017! What Next?

Posted: 07 Jan 2017 02:49 PM PST

It is January 2017, and as expected, everyone is anxious to see where Virtacoin is headed amidst many challenges. Indeed, the journey so far has been rough, and that’s because of a few avoidable mistakes caused by the inability of the Virtacoin community to realize that team work is the requisite for success in the world of cryptocurrency.
The community was getting it right in 2016 as everyone’s passionate contributions through promotions, saw the value of the coin rising to an unprecedented level since it’s launch back in 2014.
The fact that Virtacoin did rose to as high as 35 satoshi from its initial level of 1 satoshi, was a clear indication that it has the potential of becoming one of the most successful cryptocurrencies in existence. It is possible!
Here at Virtacoin Current, we strive to provide you with useful information and assistance to help you get started and become successful with the people’s coin. This is we have been doing and certainly are poised to provide more detailed information and tutorials to make it even more easier for everyone to fully participate in the development of Virtacoin.
While carrying out a review of Virtacoin’s performance in 2016, we were able to identify a few issues we hope to address in order to build a more workable relationship between community members.
We realized that one of the challenges facing the development of Virtacoin is members inability to understand how Virtacoin works. Although we’ve already covered this in a different article, we however, hope to look critically into the issue of what to do, how to do, and what it takes as one of our major focus in 2017.
We welcome everyone to 2017, and assure you all that if Virtacoin rose to over 30 satoshis in 2016, expect it to grow far more in 2017. But remember that unity and collective participation in the coin’s development is the key to success. Happy new year!

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